Frequently asked questions

Why should I create an account?

Creating an account is a fail safe incase we need to contact you during the order process.  It is also a way we can ensure account safety.  WE DO NOT SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH ANYONE. 
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Why should I sign up for emails?

Signing up for emails gives us permission to send you emails about new products, sales, coupons, and any website updates.  WE DO NOT SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH ANYONE.
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When I place an order, what is your process?

1. Digital- Gets sent immediately to the email provided at checkout.  Creating an account allows you to log into our website and manage digital downloads online. 

2. Blanks and Customs- After the order comes in, we print your order and grab supplies.  Within 24 hours we begin making every piece of your order and will package it to ship. 

We cut, paint, stain or package all components.  We wrap blanks and finished products to ensure the items come as ordered.  Remember all custom is made to order and we try to make them identical they can vary a little due to them being handmade.  We then print shipping labels and schedule pick up by the carrier.  Your package is now on its way to you.  You should get an email confirmation of this process and include shipping tracking information as it is generated and scanned.  We allow 7-10 business days. 

*Don't forget to leave us a review on your products.  Thank You. 

What if I need help with a digital download?

Digital downloads come in a group of zip files in one folder.  You must unzip this folder that includes SVG, PNG, and DXF files.  If you have specific questions before ordering we are happy to answer those. However, we know that all machinery is different and software varies.  We are not tech support.  We try our best to help but you may need to contact your manufacturer of your machinery or software if we are not able to assist.   (We use a Thunder laser, and importing SVG files into light burn software)    Just pull up the image, ungroup the image and assign colors (set in your program) to tell your machine what you would like it to do.  Cut, Score, Engrave, Ect. Digital Downloads are safely stored in Shopify, and can not be manipulated. When you open and download your copy, it is yours to manipulate as you need, it in no way affects the stored master file. If you have concerns or questions feel free to contact us at

I teach classes and would love to order blanks in bulk, do you offer a discount? Is there a minimum qty I need to order?

Our blanks are great for teaching classes, or if you are a small business looking to add new products to sell at events.  Blanks arrive in raw natural wood and are perfect for your finishing creativity.  I offer 10% discount on larger orders of 25 or more blanks. 

1. You must create an account first and

2. Contact me to assign you a discount code, then

3. Allow 24hours to receive your code to use in your check out.   *Codes are specific to accounts and can not be shared.  They will not work. 

Are products customizable?

Absolutely! We offer most of our products as custom.  During your order process we allow a custom fill in to type what you want to see on the product.  We also allow for notes during the checkout process to elaborate on these. 
PLEASE BE SURE TO ENTER PHONE & EMAIL to allow us to contact you if we have questions.

Do you sell finished products at wholesale?

We do offer wholesale with a valid tax certificate. 

1. You must create an account

2. You must email us your Current tax certificate, which we upload to your account.  This must be on your account to order.  email: 

3. We then create a discount code to use during checkout.  We email this to you, and can only be used in your account when ordering. Enter the code at check out.

4. Discount codes are valid to orders over $300, discount can not be combined. Some restrictions apply.  Your code is valid to your account and can not be used by others. 

Shipping & Payments

We ship in the US and will be expanding soon.  Digital Downloads which are not physical products do not apply and can be purchased from anywhere using US currency only.  


WE DO NOT ACCEPT- Paypal or cashap.  We accept USD only.  Payment methods are listed at the bottom of our website.  Your security & privacy is important to us. We only use trusted forms of payment. If your payment isn't listed please email us at to discuss other options. This is a safe shopping platform.